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Living Trusts

Simple and Affordable

The American Revocable Living Trust is the most important and flexible estate planning document available under the law.


The advantages of an American Revocable Living Trust:
  • Avoids Probate
  • Reduces or Eliminates Estate Taxes
  • Eliminates Conservatorship
  • May be Changed, Amended or Revoked
  • Provides Control of Your Estate
  • Creates Peace of Mind
  • Preserves Your Assets for Your Heirs
  • Maintains Privacy
  • Is Very Affordable

Peace of Mind

The Living Trust Flow of Assets

Assets of John & Ann

Family Trust
Joan & Ann, Co-Trustees


$250,000 (Distributed Outright or in Trust to Heirs or Charities)


The American Living Trust Includes the Following Key Legal Documents:

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